2 January 2011

The state of my country.

So they (the powers that be) keep on telling us that its getting better. The 'recession' that is.
I can understand why They would tell us this. They are selfish, pompous, power-tripping control freaks (the kind of control most of us 'normals' will never know).
But, what I don't understand is why we are letting They continue to restrict us. I mean is it not obvious to the rest of the nation (I'm talking to the UK primarily by the way as it's where I live) that we are being played? We are the puppets and They hold the strings. Tight.
We KNOW that electoral candidates have no intention of fulfilling the promises they make.
We KNOW that They are STILL lining their own pockets as They watch their citizens struggle more and more.
We KNOW that this countries government will jump every time the leaders of the U.S. tell them to.
We KNOW that power is in numbers.
So WHY WHY WHY do we just sit back and take it? Even ignore it? Why England why?
We need to start taking steps against this NOW. We need to boycott the system and the international corporations that control it. We need to stop believing what that government censored news tells us. We need to withdraw all our money from the banks and invest in small independent companies.
WE NEED TO UNITE BRITONS!! And we need to do it soon.
More to come.


  1. Way to go! Beat the system! You have my support!

  2. So it appears that the US is good at f'n up other countries as well as its own. I hate living here.

  3. I like your post. Ah, you should come over to Bosnia and check out what THEY are doing over here! They're completely shameless. Keep on writing posts like these. :D