3 January 2011

Continuing from yesterday..

I know I said I would add more, but unfortunately I've been called into the office..on a bank holiday!! So, here is a preview of a film that we all need to watch. Anybody who has seen The Zeitgeist Film will be eagerly awaiting this next release. Anybody who hasn't seen Zeitgeist should watch it right now! Or at least bookmark it and REMEMBER to view it soon!

>> Link to The Zeitgeist Movie

>>Preview of next film. Its only 6 minutes long, so give it a go


  1. oh another zeitgiest, is is worth watching for the brainwash?

  2. Interesting video. very worthwhile to watch.

  3. This was actually interesting. No seriously.

  4. This is pretty interesting but I rather research on my own to see for myself :D