19 January 2011

So you care more about spell checker than Twitter..

..not goin to blog about twitter again today then.

Hmm..new subject eh?

Anyone noticed that the price of fruit is fking rediculous?? Im not really a fruit eater, but i thought id get some today, get a bit healthy like..as i sit here at my PC all day.. anyway.. 8 apples, £1.98...24 packets of crisps, £1.85. wtf..? This just makes me mad at the government. Why arnt they subsadising healthy food? Im pretty damn sure that if it was the cheaper option then many of us would be eating it instead of the crap we do eat!

Makes me think of the whole illuminati thing, they want us to be fat and lazy, keeping us infront of the mind numbing tv shows right?

9/11 was an inside job. Thoughts?


  1. illuminati are real. i think they really have bad influence

  2. Out of season fruits are always expensive, which sucks.

  3. the healthy things in life are expensive but a bag of doritos is $3?

  4. I disagree, nuff said.

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  5. I think they may be succeeding.

  6. That illuminati thing is pretty interesting.