19 January 2011

For the non believers

Just an addition to the last post..

This is Larry Silverstein, former owner of World Trade Center Building 7.

For those of you who dont know, in the demolition industry "pull it" means "pull down the building".

Here is a little proof of that, in the form of a 50 second phone call, in case you dont believe me.



Female receptionist: Good afternoon, Loizeaux Company.Jeff: Um, sorry, do I -- is this Controlled Demolitions?CDI: Yes it is.
Jeff: Ok, I was wondering if there was someone I could talk to briefly -- just ask a question I had?
CDI: Well what kind of question?
Jeff: Well I just wanted to know what a term meant in demolition terms.
CDI: Ok, what type of term?
Jeff: Well, if you were in the demolition business and you said the, the term "pull it," I was wondering what exactly that would mean?
CDI: "Pull it"?
Jeff: Yeah.
CDI: Hmm? Hold on a minute.
Jeff: Thank you.
CDI: Sir?
Jeff: Yes?
CDI: "Pull it" is when they actually pull it down.
Jeff: Oh, well thank you very much for your time.
CDI: Ok.
Jeff: Bye.
CDI: Bye.


  1. thats some crazy stuff. no matter how it happened, 9/11 was a tragedy. let hope something on that scale never happens again.

  2. I believe that 9/11 was a setup!

  3. Creepy stuff. I think 9/11 was a setup too.
    There is too much stuff that doesnt add up.

  4. I try not to think about this stuff.

  5. Nnt gonna lie, that's pretty strange...

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