15 October 2011

Occupy Wall Street goes worldwide!

So today is the day, October 15th, occupy day. Maybe today will go down as the day we began to get our world back. We all may dream. Anyway we can't be too bothered or we'd be there right? Well here's some of whats going on around the world anyhoo..

According to the BBC there will be 951 peaceful protests in 82 countries around the world.



South Korea

New Zealand


These pics really do just go on and on and on and they were all taken today! Let us prey for their success brothers, let us prey.


  1. I love to see people raise hell.
    These protest inspired me to write a little post as well.

  2. Yeah, I hope we get changes too, speaking of which...

  3. I think the first group is actually protesting the fact that Angry Birds doesn't update their damn game very often. I'm with them on that one. Occupy Angry Birds!

  4. I support them from my house. :P

  5. Holy shit, I had no idea this was even going to happen.

  6. its nice to see people fight for what they believe for... well sometimes, but i dont see anything big happening soon.

  7. Happy to see it spreading. I can't believe some of the people talking negatively about this, and acting like they know better and are better.
    #OWS I hope we win, the sooner the better, but I know it will be a long time.