19 October 2011

How the worlds best DnB song came into being..

So, we take some Enya-

Add some Fugees (bit of a gamble, I know, but we all know it paid off)-

Let DJ Hype inject some of his top talent, and we have the finished products, one of the most profitable Drum and Bass songs ever released-

Hope you enjoy this lot as much as i do, Enya do a great job with the original, the fugees make it that bit better then DJ Hype just knocks it out of the park!


  1. Dj hype only one I can listen to. stupid youtube. good music though

  2. love that fugees song! nice! btw, what template are you using on your blog? it looks awesome

  3. I had never heard Ready or Not but it was a pretty good track. I like DnB but not enough to really keep up with it. I just download a ton of it, que up on winamp, and let it play.

    Anyway. I liked it.