15 January 2011

Guys im back!!

Sorry for leaving you all for so long guys, but when work calls, it CALLS. Just been out of the country dealing some poker for a few days THEN came home to an inbox of over 50 messeges, all needing replys and work doing. GAH. Replied to the emails then did a straight 20 hours of coding, all fun and games eh?

Well all that over now, Im getting to the end of my to do list-
[x] Deal Poker for 4 days
[x] Reply to emails for a day
[x] 20 hours of coding
[x] Update blog
[  ] Skin up
[  ] Sleep right thru till 9am

What do you want to see next guys? My head is too mangled for ideas so you tel me what u want and ill delivar :)


  1. haha oh wow.

    welcome back mate!

    as for what to do next better ask someone else, I'm not of the creative type myself. ;)


  2. @Zoey I like your name, its 1 letter off mine :)

    @StockGuy Im simply not a gamer dude. Poker and monopoly are my favourits :p

    @BTN Damn right bro, I fkin deserved it :D