18 January 2011

Getting followers on twitter.

First off my accounts are-
Blog - @theblogofaboy
New promo site - @fansiteuk
Would be great if you would follow these. If you do, leave a comment here with ur twitter acc and ill follow you too.

So, you have a twitter account but you want more followers?
Step 1. First things first then, you need to put a bit of thought into your name and bio. Your name want to be appearing in searches, and your bio want to offer the pottential follower something, Example 'blog' and 'fan' are both commonly searched terms in twitter, so there they are in my names..simple yus? Yus.
So you've got a nice name and your bio says you offer a fantastic read or the latest gossip or a 'followers only' competition. Now you need the some followers.
Step 2. Another simple one, search twitter for #teamfollowback or #instantfollowback or #TFB - these are all groups of people who offer a follow back service (its all in the name). Then add as many people as you can - 1000 a day to a max of 2000 (the max will increase as your ammount of followers does, you can follow 110% the number of your followers).
Step 3. After a cupple of days visit http://dossy.org/twitter/karma/ (select hide avatars when using as it reduces load time by LOADS) and unfollow all those cheeky bastards that didnt follow you back.
Step 4. Give it another cupple of days (this is to avoid twitters spam detectors) and repeat step 2.
Step 5. Repeat step 3.

So now you have a good 2000 followers..congratrz.

Step 6 + to come. They will tell you how to keep the ball rolling with minimal input :)


  1. Interesting. I haven't used my twitter in a while :)

  2. meh, i only use twitter to follow others. i might look into blogging regularly